Fox, Also known as Foxy to distinguish himself from Mr Fox and Foxy 2 to distinguish himself from Foxy of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. Is Another Business Partner of Morshu. Despite Being Four Legged, Like Mr Cake, who is also four legged. He can naturally work for Morshu. He calls his Late son Bold a Son of a Gun, And even though he still loves his children, he loves them less then Morshu. Which is the real reason why his son escaped and died. He is known for being rather Analytic, Calculating and Sarcastic. And would often say Shut Up!, he also owns a hovercar dealership called Foxy's hovercars. He is good friends with the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Foxy. Zoda is also very good friends with him, almost as if they are brothers.

Evidence that Fox is a good Car Salesman(He used to work for Land Rover).

Fox, Ominously Looking at people who defy his sales pitches.