Giygas is an evil business partner of Morshu's. The true embodiment of Evil. He basically looks like the ghost of a guy with a mustache. So he is not as scary as he used to be. He used to take the form of Andross. But nowadays he just likes being weird with his looks, especially because Andross got angry at him for copying his looks. He loves sucking emotion out of people. But he is weak to Prayer. Henceforth why Ness, his enemy beated him in the devil's machine. His other business partner is Porky Minch, Who used to be the Haribo kid. He has a special Spider Mech and terrorizes people in it. Porky loves eating Candy, He gets free candy from Giygas. Which is why he is obese and so sickeningly blue. Giygas makes him special candy as well. Giygas is awesome.

Giygas pre 1994

Giygas before 1994.


Giygas after 1994.

Porky pre 1994

Porky when he was the fat Haribo Kid.


Porky after 1994.