Morshu is Unfortunately not without his Adversaries. Here are a few.

Boggis Bunce and Bean: Three Farmers who Morshu has had arguements with and turned into a massive car chase in the city.

M. Bison: Cheap Customer who does not have money. but claims he has.

Link: Wants to buy out Morshu's Drug Empire.

The King: Wanted to eat all of Morshu's Dinner.

Land Owners and Council Planning amidst Paper Boys and Priests: Argued with Morshu that his shop was Disturbing the church, taking revenue off from Paper Boys by having it's own newspaper service, and angered town planning by destroying construction equipment with bombs. Morshu is not religious, so he argues with priests.

Ushrom: A Rival Shopkeeper who has angered Morshu because he is so poor, and yet is being so incompetent, Morshu has had arguements with him, and has vandalized his store with bombs. This is another reason why Town Planners hate Morshu and Ushrom.