Morshu owns Thousands of Subsidiaries. Here are some.

Morshu Bakery.

Morshu Foods.

Morshu Salmon.

Morshu Sushi.

Morshu hovercar dealership.

Morshu bank.

Morshu Bomb factory.

Morshu Yoghurt.

Morshu Discarded Rubber.

Morshu and Robotnik Music.

Zoda's Car Dealership.

Virmir's Magic Shop.

Fox and Fox's Stolen Meat Shop.

Flim-Flam Brothers Business Solutions.

Fish in a Barrel Fish & Chips Shop.

Morshu Burgers.

Marcus Munitions.

Morshu Munitions.


Giygas Confectionery.

Morshu Tofu.

Mr Cake's Bakery.

Morshu Mart.

Morshu Tanks.

Do you want explosions? Bomb Shop.

Mindless Action Bomb, Gun and Laser Shop.

Morshu is such a good businessman. He has 750,000,000,000 dollars in the bank. Thanks to his subsidiaries.

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