Morshu again got into another Car Chase, After finding a steamroller near his house. Morshu Contracted Zoda and Zoda got in his car. The steamroller took off. And Morshu followed in his car. This had the attention of the cops. and they chased Morshu throughout the city of Farthinghurst. The angry Steamroller driver chased them. Then Paperboy decided to get involved, Morshu thought he was so annoying he started throwing bombs at him. Then an unknown farmer who wasn't Bean took out a shotgun and fired at zoda. Morshu threw a bomb at the farmer and dog, Killing him. The Police then smashed into a Construction Site and the site exploded. The Steamroller driver then rolled over the Farmers farm. The chase was so big that Morshu was on the news for 15 minutes.