Zoda is another one of Morshu's Business Partners, A Dodgy Used hovercar Salesman who sells Millions of hovercars every minute. He has won many F-Zero Championships. He has a device inserted into his head so he can have both dopamine and adrenaline, leading to a massive literal speed addiction which he cannot get the hang of. His hobby is growing flowers that kill people. He enjoyed a brief stint as a metal singer, under the stage name Zoda Stardust. He was also known for an interview on F-Zero, It was, rather... How should I say, ill fated.

I Like to grow flowers, Flowers that Kill People!!!

*Crazy Distorted Laugh*

I Will be sending the lot of you home, IN COFFINS!!!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, I Have Five Fans!!!

Who's the baddest guy in the universe? ME!!!

Zoda in his 1990s drag racing form.


Zoda's perverted 2000s form.

F-Zero GX TV Interviews Pilot 13 - Zoda

F-Zero GX TV Interviews Pilot 13 - Zoda

Zoda's ill fated interview with Mr Zero.