Zoda, unlike many of Morshu's partners, prefers to be 5000 meters away from Morshu's shop, with his own Car Dealership, He Sells 40,000,000,000 Hovercars every year. And Hundreds of millions of hovercars are towed to him. Zoda rips off his customers, but not by cheating on his vehicles, but by overpricing them to 255,000 Rupees, or £125,000, usually though they are 40,000 rupees or £20,000. This has made some customers angry. but this is not always the case. as They have found him slightly unsettling. Zoda, of course, Never brings his flowers to his dealership, Although he likes to talk about growing flowers that kill people. even though Zoda's store is away from Morshu, Zoda sleeps in Morshu's house. Zoda has 260 Trophies in his shop. Mainly from his F-Zero and Drag Racing Days. The Death Anchor is also stored safely in his garage.